C.S. Osborne & Co. No.235-6: 13/16 Midget Grommet Setter, size 6 (MPN #13288) / MADE IN USA

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The C. S.Osborne & Co. No 235-6 Midget Grommet Setter Set includes setting tool with matching anvil. Made of quality steel. Perfect set every time. The No. 235 is a high end, high quality ‘home/hobbist’ version of Osborne’s professional grade Grommet setter No. 216-6 . Size 6 grommets have a 13/16′ diameter hole when set in, 1.828′ out side diameter, and 0.232′ Length under flange . Osborne grommet dies are numbered to correspond with standard size grommets. The dies are guaranteed to set the proper size and style Osborne grommets. Grommet dies and cutters should be used with an Osborne rawhide hammer or wooden mallet, not with a steel hammer. We recommend C.S.Osborne & Co. No. 395 rawhide hammers for this purpose. Sets plain rim grommets and washers. For best results use only Osborne grommets and washers G1, B1, N1 & SS1 with corresponding sizes. Male sits flat on base for perfectly set plain grommets . Made in the USA-Package quantity: 1



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