CAMO 345244S 2-3/8-Inch 316 Stainless Steel Trimhead Deck Screw (700 Count)

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Hidden in the side of the board, Camo deck screws create a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. Easy to install using either Marksman tool, Camo secures deck boards directly to the joist to reduce board movement, and they back out easily in the event a board needs to be replaced. No pre-drilling is required! Highlights: Size In: 2-3/8′ x #7 Count: 700 Head Style: Trim Drive Type: Star 316 Stainless Steel – provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance; recommended for coastal environments Designed for use with CAMO Marksman tools only Proprietary Design – Patent Pending -A reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting The star drive offers more points of contact for better performance and reduces slippage and wear Aggressive lower thread pattern provides superior holding power while the reverse upper thread pulls the board tight to the joist and provides a clean, finished entry Unique trimhead design provides a less visible point of entry



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