DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer (5-gal) | Protects Concrete Driveways | Pavers | Garage Floors | Patios | Outdoor Masonry

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The common driveway sealers sold in stores need re-application every year. But not DryWay Water-Repellent Concrete Sealer! DryWay penetrates and seals for many years to come. DryWay protects concrete driveways and sidewalks against water, spills, molds, and deterioration. Treated concrete and masonry will bead or shed water for years to come, reducing cracking, pitting, spalling, efflorescence, rebar corrosion, molds, and algae. Spills wipe off easily. DryWay is the latest and most advanced type of penetrating water-repellent sealers for masonry – a penetrating water-based emulsion of siloxanes and silanes. The sealer’s small molecules penetrate up to 1/2 inch into the substrate, depending on porosity and moisture content. The sealer reacts chemically with the substrate and itself, bonds and cures in long-chain molecules. It is like filling the pores with silicone caulk. The seal does not trap water vapor and allows the concrete to breathe and dry out. DryWay is inherently resistant to UV-rays, heat, and oxidative degradation. Moreover, it is hidden deep inside the pores from the sun and elements. It will not yellow and there is no or little gloss. The water-repellent barrier becomes an integral part of the substrate and there is no film to peel or wear off. The treated concrete driveway or masonry will be protected for many years with an estimated service life over 10 years. COVERAGE – Poured Concrete: 750-1000 sq. ft., Brick/Pavers: 600-750, Concrete Blocks: 400-600, Splitface Blocks: 250-400. Orders usually ship same day! 2-5 working days for delivery. *It is strongly advised to test spot this product on an inconspicuous area to see how the concrete or masonry will accept the sealer.



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