Duckback Products DB-1440-4 Gallon Extention Wood Cleaner

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Product Description Use on decks, fences, wood siding, log homes and all wood surfaces including hardwoods. Removes dirt, grime and failed oxidized coatings. Formulated to clean dirty, weathered wood. Restores the natural beauty. Allows for better penetration of a subsequent wood coating if desired. Fast-acting. One gallon makes 4 gallons of cleaning solution. Use full strength for heavy-duty. Covers approximately 100 – 200 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the texture of the surface. From the Manufacturer Duckback is dedicated to making extremely high quality coatings that protect wood from harsh ultraviolet rays and shed rainfall like water off a duck’s back. Gallon Exterior Wood Cleaner. This is a safe and bio-degradable formula that will not kill plants or grass. Cleans stains caused by dirt, mold and mildew. Removes failed, oxidized coatings. Ideal as a main cleaner or prep. Revitalizes old weathered wood prior to staining. Concentrated one gallon will make four gallons.



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