Energy Saving Garage Door Hinge, Residential Set, 4 Panel Door

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THE GREEN HINGE SYSTEM is a uniquely patented spring loaded hinge system to provide the tightest seal you ever had on your overhead garage doors, pushing your doors tight to the wall and seal eliminating the air gap between the door and the seal surface. WHY is the GREEN HINGE SYSTEM “THE ONLY MONEY SAVING HINGE”? Weather stripping deteriorates with age and exposure to the elements and has little to no R-Value. You will spend money replacing your weather stripping again and again but the GREEN HINGE SYSTEM works virtually forever and provides as low as a 1.5 year return on investment. The system allows each panel to adjust automatically to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls. Most importantly doors only have ONE TRUE SEALING SURFACE the outer panel edge where it contacts the seal surface or wall. Various industries that concern food and sanitation are getting better inspections with less audit violations. The GREEN HINGE SYSTEM removes up to a 1/4” gap between your door and seal surface, substantially reducing your heating or cooling costs! Install ONCE; Enjoy Life-Long SAVINGS & COMFORT! ORDER YOURS TODAY Note: Please Check Residential & Commercial Applications Before Purchase. Residential Doors Over 12 ft. Wide Use Commercial Part Numbers. 3 different non interchangeable numbered hinges System includes: 2 – position #1, 2 – position #2, 2 – position #3 Visit for more information.



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