MFM Peel & Seal Self Stick Roll Roofing (1, 3in. Almond)

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Item Package Quantity:1  |  Size:3in. Almond MFM Peel & Seal is the original, patented self-stick roll roofing. Peel & Seal roll roofing is 33ft. 6in. long and is ideal for roofs and surfaces that are difficult to waterproof and can be used on many surfaces including: metal roofs, mobile homes, RVs or trailers, and sunroofs. MFM Peel & Seal can also be used as flashing around ducts, vents, chimneys, air conditioning units, or even on gutters. MFM Peel & Seal is made of aluminum composite foil, polymer films, and a rubberized asphalt adhesive back, making it flexible and self-adhering. Peel & Seal roll roofing will not tear, crack or dry out over time. It is designed specifically to reflect heat and resist water and exposure to other elements without any additional coverage needed. Peel and Seal can be installed on an EPDM roof, but you must prime it with either WeatherBond Multi Purpose Primer or Mule Hide Tape Primer. This self-adhering rolled roofing is very simple to install. Simply make sure your surface is clean, smooth, dry and free of any loose debris. Be sure to prime your surface with an asphalt primer before applying Peel & Seal, especially on surfaces made of plywood, OSB, composition board, and masonry. After the roof is prepped, you will simply peel off the release paper on the back of your peel and seal, and roll it out onto your surface, using a hand roller to smooth out any creases. Finally, use a sharp knife to cut off the desired length. 36in. Wide Rolls have 3in. lines on each side. No special tools needed. High wind tolerance. Made in the U.S.A. Also Tested to Meet ASTM D 1970 Requirements.



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