Staalmeester Oval Paint Brush #45

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Staalmeester® have been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years! Staalmeester® synthetic blend bristles can be used with of all types of paint but we are particularly happy with how it performs with Fusion Mineral Paint. This unique synthetic / natural bristle blend has a short natural china bristle, blended with a longer silky synthetic bristle. The natural bristle ensures better paint absorption and the synthetic bristle component allows for a smooth, even application having minimal to no brush strokes. This top quality brush has a traditional beechwood handle and a coppered ferrule with deeply set bristles which is ideal for painting small projects, complicated mouldings, banisters, window frames, ledges, doors and of course furniture. Aside from the flat, the Staalmeester® synthetic blend bristles have a band of string that is to be kept intact as they give the bristles direction and perfect tension. Depending on your painting techniques you can achieve a smooth flawless finish or a unique heavy textured appearance



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