T8 8 Foot V Shape LED Tube 60w 7200 Lumens Integrated 6500k Clear 4pcs

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Overview: Power: 60W(Replaces 2, 80W fluorescent tube lights) Applications: , Widely used in supermarkets, offices , convenience stores , gas stations , warehouse, shops , hotels , motels ,etc. Benefits: , LED lighting uses significantly fewer Watts (W) than conventional lighting. But that’s not the only Savings you enjoy when selecting LED lighting. , Conventional bulbs have a shorter operating lifetime compared to LED lighting. If you are using conventional bulbs you will be purchasing up to four times as many bulbs or fixtures compared to a single LED replacement with a long operating lifetime. , Buying and using conventional bulbs and fixtures also means that you incur three times more maintenance as well as replacement costs compared to LED lighting. , Just think of the maintenance costs incurred getting to those hard to reach locations. , LED lighting is also free of environmentally harmful Mercury as well as Halogen chemicals.



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