The Original Wall Stamp Designer Painting Template | BRICK 15 x 23 with Patented Self-Leveling System

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The Original Wall Stamp is a revolutionary Home Decor product line that will change the way you view DIY. The Original Wall Stamp is a series of large rubber stamps with embossed designs and a patented “self-leveling system” that makes them easy to use and will empower people to create their own unique space. Our founder, Laurie J. Steinfeld, is an artist with over 25 years of experience painting custom murals & faux finishes in model homes and commercial businesses including Bloomingdales, Cheesecake Factories, Disney Concert Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Sony Music amongst others. Laurie found there was nothing on the market that would allow an artist/designer/ home-owner to paint designs & patterns quickly and easily. Stencils were tedious and time consuming. Wallpaper was expensive, you had to hire a wallpaper hanger and then live with it forever! So, Laurie created The Original Wall Stamp! The Original Wall Stamp is easy to use, it is translucent for perfect placement, it bends to get in and around corners and with the patented “self-leveling system” it’s fool proof! The Original Wall Stamp saves you time. Anyone can Stamp a wall in 30-45 minutes or a whole room in an hour or two. The Original Wall Stamp saves you money, you can change the look of your home for less than $50.00 and it’s so much fun! Plus, each Stamp is fully washable with warm water and soap and reusable! Home-owners, “Makers” and DIY communities will love that they can change their decor or space themselves! Simply roll the paint on, hold till level, stamp on the wall ( or floor, ceiling, fabric, furniture…) and repeat as desired affect and pattern comes to life! From “Average to Fabulous” in minutes! It’s only paint, You got this! The Original Wall Stamp comes in 6 designs, all sold separately and all proudly Made in the USA!



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